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10 Things I learned in my first year post college graduation

Long blog post title... I know. Yesterday, May 1st, was the 1 year mark of being a college graduate. I was reminded that every year on this week (thanks to Facebook Memories) for the past 5 years, it has snowed in Colorado. Yet, every year people are surprised. I was also reminded that its been a YEAR since I've seen my best friend, Annelise (don't worry, we are currently planning a trip).

So much has happened and has changed in the last year. I figured I'd compile a list of some of the things I've learned in my first year as a Regis University Alumni.

I've learned:

  1. No prospective employer bats an eyelash when you've had 3 different jobs in the past year as long as you're still barely out of college and have learned things through those work experiences.

  2. It's completely possible to have more free time than you did in college but it's just not as convenient as it used to be. In this free time you have to do all your adult things because you no longer have random open hours in the middle of your day to do laundry or go to the gym. Instead you have to squeeze it all in between your evening commute and passing out before the first commercial break of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. at 9:30.

  3. I took the school grill and cafeteria fore-granted and now I know the sushi guy and the self check out clerk at King Soopers entirely too well.

  4. Not having homework is arguably the best part of graduating.

  5. 6 months after graduation is by far the worst... mostly because that's when student loans come due.

  6. If your coworkers are less than great, the job will be less than great no matter how cool you thought it might be. If your coworkers are champions, your job will make you feel like a winner, even if you're doing grunt work.

  7. Free food still motivates me to show up places.

  8. Moving back home is not a bad thing. Trust me, I wrote a blog post on it... that means I'm an expert.

  9. You have to be so much more intentional about your friendships and spending time with friends because you wont just run into them on campus or see them in class.

  10. You quickly forget how stressful and difficult it was to earn your degree. When august rolls around and you're not headed back to school - camp reeg - you miss it A LOT and wish you could go back to freshman year to do it all over again but change nothing.

by Kait, with love.

(p.s. our senior pictures were taken on a gorgeous day at Red Rocks Amphitheater and we graduated a few weeks later on the quad of our University in the middle of a snow storm. Cool story, right?)


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