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Craft with me: candle making

Hey there internet friends, long time no see! I am back and I am living my best and craftiest life. Today we are making soy wax candles. Below is the supply list you will need for your scented candle, so gather your supplies, grab a drink and get to crafting with me. The supplies I used are listed below the video in case you don’t want to read my inspirational story about how I came to start a candle making hobby.

I first got interested in candle making thanks to quarantine, Tik Tok and antiquing (oddly enough). My boyfriend and I love going to antique stores here in St. Louis and the vintage beer cans were calling our names but if you’re anything like me, then the things in my house need a purpose. I can’t just have antique beer cans filling my home. The best solution to this is the combined piqued interest in candle making from Tik Tok. Put the two together and here we are!

Now that I am making candles, I don’t want to stop. Enter the newest addition to my website: MY STORE. Yes, I just said that. I have a store. I am just starting out, so give me some grace. If you are like “Yeah, beer can candles are dope but I don’t want do get into candle making” then go to this page to check out all the candles I am selling. If vintage beer cans aren’t your aesthetic, that’s ok too - I have recycled (read upcycled) glass vessels too. I hand painted these second hand glasses to make them clay-like and super *aesthetic*.

The way I am selling my candles is kind of… different. Because I don't want to run into the issue of having a scent in a particular vessel that someone doesn’t like (i.e. you dig the Stag can but I put a Magnolia Peony scent in it but you’re more of a Pumpkin Chai person) problem solved… on the site you will pick your vessel, then you can choose which fragrance you would like. Then I will custom make it for you! I am pretty excited about all of this if you can’t tell.

Now… enough with all that, let’s get to the nitty gritty. The candle making:

Supplies needed:

  • Vessel/Container of your choice (be sure it’s pretty fire-proof)

  • 1lb of soy wax

  • 1oz clean fragrance (can be found at Michaels or you can use essential oils too!)

  • Cotton, lead free wick (if you have a large vessel you may need more than one)

  • Wick sticker (or you can use a non-toxic glue like Elmers)

  • Wick holder (or a couple of chopsticks or pencils to hold your wick straight)

  • Thermometer

  • Microwave safe container to melt wax

  • Something to stir with (spoon or chopstick)

First: know that everything in candle making is by weight and not by volume, so when I say 1oz fragrance, I mean by weight and not a shot glass measurement.

Measure out 1lb of soy wax and put it in your microwave safe container, heat in the microwave about 30 seconds at a time until the wax reaches 185F degrees.

Add your fragrance to the heated wax and stir consistently (for about two min for good measure). Set your candle concoction aside to cool to 135F degrees.

While your mixture cools prep your vessel/container. Put a dab of glue on the bottom of your wick(s), and arrange to the bottom of your container about equal distance from each other and the walls of your container. Once the glue sets a bit, pull the wick(s) taut and use wick holder (chopsticks/pencils/etc.) to hold the wick up right.

Once your soy wax and fragrance mixture has cooled to about 135F degrees, carefully pour into your vessel until about a half inch below the rim. Be sure your wicks are taut, then let your candle sit and cure.

OMG you made a candle. That’s awesome! Or at least you know how to now. I understand you’ll want to burn your candle right away but refrain from burning until your candle “cures” (or sits) for at least 2 days. Then trim the wick(s) to about ¼ inch off the wax and enjoy!!


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