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Cycle Bar - Chesterfield

This past weekend I got the opportunity to attend a spinning class at CycleBar in Chesterfield, MO. I've been wanting to up my cardio game but haven't been too crazy about many of my options... I'm not a runner, never have been, maybe will be someday - probably not, who knows?

When Julia from CycleBar reached out to me about attending their "Rough Night Movie" ride, I got 90% excited and 10% scared. I've heard rumors about spinning kicking people's butts and that scares me a little. SIDE NOTE: CycleBar offers FREE intro rides every week, so you can try it out too!

I didn't exactly know what to expect since I haven't done any group/class exercising since high school PE. So, I got mentally prepared and hydrated then went on my merry way to Chesterfield.

When I walked in the door I was immediately greeted with a smile and was introduced to the crew and CycleStar Larry. The studio it self is immaculate which is key for a self diagnosed germaphobe, like myself. I got hooked up with shoes, a water bottle and a locker (as all CycleBar goers do) then got introduced to my frienemy (friend/enemy) - the bike. I'm assuming clipping in the shoes for the first time is a struggle for most riders considering the CB team was right there next to me guiding my shoe into the clip and encouraging me through it... we celebrated when I finally figured it out!

Class hadn't even started yet and I was already breaking a sweat in the A/C... great.

The group of women that were in this class around me was so impressively diverse (all shapes, sizes, ages and skill levels) and incredibly kind. It's like they knew I was a riding rookie. The ladies stationed around me made sure I had a towel for my sweat and informed me of what the instructors terms meant when he called them out (bless them).

Class started with a preview of the "Rough Night Movie" - which premieres Wednesday June 17th and CycleBar gave every rider in the class two tickets to the first showing. Then we started our ride.

Like I said... I'm pretty sure cardio is my arch nemesis but for some reason I couldn't keep my face from smiling. I was dying and sweating my behind off but I was genuinely enjoying myself and having so much fun. I think the actual reason for this is two fold:

1. The instructor - CycleStar Larry is so high energy, encouraging and absolutely fabulous. I don't quite understand how he can cycle, instruct, dance AND breathe at the same time but all I can say is GOALS. I'm looking forward to taking more of his classes.

2. The environment - CycleBar make the exercise experience just that - an experience. Even though you're in an auditorium with 50 bikes, it is easy to zone in and focus on yourself. The music is LOUD, the lights are dark and once it gets going, you kind of forget that you're working out.

After this ride, CycleBar had little gift bags to promote the movie premiere. From what I heard from the ladies in class, CycleBar's social media and their class calendar, this isn't a one time thing. CycleBar does stuff like this to build a community - and in my opinion they're doing it well. They even host a number of charity rides at their studio.

I am eager to get back to the Bar and to meet more of the instructors and riders. I think my opinion on cardio might be changing... Still don't like running though. For anyone wanting to shake up their work outs or wanting to try something new, I would suggest heading to CycleBarChesterfield and try it out for yourself (you get a FREE ride, so there's no excuse not to, right?)

by Kait, with love

(Full disclosure: I was given this ride for free to come check out the studio but all opinions are my own and I will be going back)


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