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How I did my makeup in High School

Hey Y'all! If you're anything like me, then you have been enjoying utilizing your time to watch these "how I did my makeup in High School" makeup challenges on Youtube. After almost a week of being back home with my family and many hours being nostalgic over the "good ol' days," I sat down (while at home in Missouri) and filmed myself recreating my senior prom makeup look.

In high school, I never put that much effort into how I looked unless it was for a school dance or prom. It was great; instead of worry about makeup or hair, I put more thought into my school work, sports and extra circulars. Many girls at my school loved makeup, I just wasn't one of them. Its not that I didn't like makeup, I just didn't have much experience with it. My mom is gorgeous and never wore makeup around the house (and still doesn't), she would just put on a little mascara and blush when we left the house but it was never a priority or a daily routine. I appreciate that so much.

When Homecoming, Winter Formal or Prom would roll around and I did have makeup on I remember feeling so beautiful. My friends and classmates would always comment on it because it was so out of the ordinary for me (not just the makeup but the dress too). In high school I was a "roll out of bed, put on athletic clothes and hair up in a pony tail " kind of girl, so getting dolled up was very special and BOY did we make a big deal out of it.

Often before any school dance, I would wake up and stroll over to my cousins house (my cousins are much girlier than me, so I always required their help). This is where all the magic happened, it was like a teen girl chick flick, only better. We turned on music and would sing at the top of our lungs while getting ready for hours. Ashtyn, my oldest cousin (4 years older than me) would always do my hair and my makeup for dances (DISCLAIMER: She didn't do my hair or makeup for my senior prom, she was out of town that day... hence the amateur application). Needless to say these times are oh-so special to me and are such fond memories.

The senior prom picture that I used for inspiration, as well as, a throwback makeup-less Kait picture can be found below the video. I hope that you all enjoy this chatty makeup "challenge" video and that you get to remember those fun high school times too!

by Kait, with love.

Senior Prom 2012

Makeup-less Kait

Thank you guys so much for all your love and support! I hope that you enjoy this silly, chatty fun makeup video. I had so much fun being nostalgic and getting to sit down and chat with you guys. I know its kind of a one way conversation but I feel like I get to be close to you guys. If you'd like, send me some feedback, I'd love to have a two way conversation with you guys if you have anything you want me to know, suggestions for future posts/videos or if you just want to say hello! Love you guys!


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