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It's about to get juicy...

Hey Y'all! I hope you all have had an amazing week. Last week, Suja sent me a massive box of juice (and I mean massive, reference picture below). Being the juice snob that I am, I figured I would review the Suja juices and pressed probiotic waters for anyone that is curious about this emerging brand.

Suja juice boasts that it is cold-pressed, always organic and never GMO. Suja can be found in most grocery stores including King Soopers, Target, Whole Foods and many more. It's nice that the juice is so widely available. Suja has a wide range of juices and drinks from probiotic waters to green juice to protein drinks to fruity concoctions.

Suja recently became apart of the Coca-Cola portfolio. Though I love and adore my local fresh pressed juicery, it's nice to have a reliable juice option all over the country and for a very resonable price tag (often on sale at many grocery stores). Being apart of the Coca-Cola portfolio means that Suja can not produce more juice and have an easier means to distribution channels, making them more available.

Now for the juice itself. Suja sent me their "Glow" green juice, "Master Cleanse" spicy lemonade, "Pineapple, Lemon and Cayenne" Pressed Probiotic Water and "Strawberry" Pressed Probiotic Water. The Pressed Probiotic Waters aren't like anything I've tried before. Do know that when you open one of the Suja Probiotic waters, you shouldn't except your average flavored water. The Suja waters are flavored very delicately (which is what happens when you don't add artificial flavoring). The Pressed Probiotic Waters - I expect - are not meant to be packed with vitamin, mineral goodness like juices are. The waters are extremely refreshing and hydrating; they feel like they're replenishing whatever my body needs after I break a sweat.

The classic juices are much more of what you would expect. DISCLAIMER: I worked at Aspen Juice in Cherry Creek North (Denver area), the last semester of my senior year of college; so my "bar" for cold-pressed juice is incredibly high. That being said, Suja's juice is good, it meets my expectations. For pasteurized, large batch juice that is available in grocery stores for around the $4-$8 range, it is actually excellent. Their juices have a wide range of good-for-you ingredients and there is a juice for every want and need you have, which is super awesome!

I would absolutely recommend Suja to my friend and family, when in a pinch, I will buy it for myself. BUT if you live near a fresh pressed juicery, like Aspen Juice, I would recommend that you taste the difference in freshness for yourself. I know Aspen Juice makes its Juice in small batches with local and seasonally fresh ingredients. I think that pasteurization can also effect the flavor and nutritional value of the juice. Suja High Pressure Pasteurizes their juices which gives them a longer shelf life and makes it so anyone can consume their juice. Aspen Juice does not pasteurize their juice and you can taste the freshness, as if it was just pressed and bottled that day - because it was.

Long story short - support your local juicery but if you're on a time or budget crunch, Suja is a great alternative.


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