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June Love List

I have been a bad blogger and haven’t written anything in a long time, but as a result I have a whole bunch of ideas, series and updates coming to

Since I’ve been MIA for a while, I figure I’ll kick off being back in action with the things I’ve been loving lately!

First things first… aren’t really things at all, but since the last time I posted I quickly made a group of best friends. I have been loving them HARD this month. They’re lovingly called my wolf pack. This group of humans are not only a good time but we legitimately do life together. This crew does it all: bonfires, pool parties, grocery shopping, fitness classes, church services and best of all, praying for and being listening ears for each other. The best thing about my besties is that they champion each other, build each other up and make me a better person just by knowing them. This crew was front and center for my baptism which is another thing I loved this month.

Now for the actual “things” I’ve been loving this month:

Hammocks - I got an ENO hammock to go adventuring with my new friends but I brought it to youth summer camp and it was a hit with my girls. Hammocking was always popular when I lived in Colorado but when did it get so popular in Missouri? They were so popular at summer camp there was a spoof documentary made on them, its was hilarious. It makes sense though, you just can’t beat throwing your hammock in a tree and relaxing in mother nature.

Mom Jeans - I was one of those people that swore they’d never wear mom jeans. One day I was cruising facebook, as one does, and I saw an ad from ASOS for $22 distressed mom jeans in my size. I just couldn’t pass it up. When I got them in the mail they fit like a dream with the one downside of a huge hole in the upper thigh that I wasn’t crazy about. With one trip up to my sweet grandma’s house that hole was patched right up while maintaining their perfectly distressed vibe and now I’m basically living in these jeans.

June Love List | ASOS Mom Jeans | | Kaitlin Claywell Blog | St. Louis Lifestyle Blogger

Tone It Up! - I have been following Tone It Up and it’s founders Karena and Katrina on instagram for a long time. I’ve also known that I need to gain control over my nutrition and fitness for a long time. I finally stopped making excuses and bought the Nutrition Plan and subscription to Studio Tone It Up. The nice thing about the Nutrition Plan is that you buy it once and you get a welcome kit (with their main TIU Nutrition Plan that explains the science behind eating Lean, Green & Clean along with a bunch of recipes, a TIU water bottle, a Booty Band and meal prep containers) then you instantly get all their previous special edition meal guides and will get any future ones. I’ve been on the plan and working out diligently since the beginning of the “Bikini Series” and I’ve lost 20 pounds. It’s amazing what eating real, green, non-processed foods and lean protein can do for your body. I could go on and on (so be on the lookout for some TIU approved recipes in the future, aka paleo and clean eating) but I will leave it at that for now.

Butter London Double Decker Lashes - I got this mascara in a boxycharm and immediately put it in the “back up” pile thinking it probably wasn’t that great because Butter London is known for their nail polish, not their mascaras. I randomly was trying out a bunch of new makeup in my collection and I was completely shocked by this mascara. It made my lashes thick and fluffy, as well as, long without looking spidery. It lasted really well throughout the day without flaking off and when it came time to wash my face, it came off with ease. Now I can’t put it down! (The pictures below show naked lashes #blessed vs 2 coats of the Butter London Double Decker Lashes)

Kacey Musgraves - Another non-thing. Her albums, however, are favorite things. I recently purchased all 3 Kacey Musgraves albums on vinyl and I’m obsessed. The love of LPs runs deep in my family but these are my first personal LP purchase. Not only is physical vinyl itself absolutely gorgeous (hello hot pink vinyl and clear vinyl) but the music sounds like this is the medium it’s meant to be played on. I don’t think I’ve ever said something so hipster in my life. If you’ve heard her most recent album, Golden Hour, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, these albums are on repeat on spotify too but when I’m in my office there is something so special about the LPs. Side note: LouFest announced their lineup and miss SpaceyKacey herself will be there, so now I have to go!

Those are the noteworthy things I’ve been loving in June. Man, it feels good to get back to writing and over-sharing. That should be considered a June love too! Let me know what you’ve been loving lately or if we share any of the same loves.

by Kait, with love.

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