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Make a Great Impression with Custom Teeth Whitening

Did you know that it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression? Within those 7 seconds a person notices your eyes, smile and body language - in that order according to most of the research I’ve done.

I don’t personally think first impressions are the end-all-be-all (i.e. I was so intimidated by my best friend when I first met her - Hello RBF - but she’s one of the most thoughtful, caring people I know). That being said, I do like to put my best face forward. I find that when I’m confident in how I look and comfortable in what I’m wearing, I make a better impression.

For a long time I’ve been pretty insecure about my smile. When “smile” comes in second on every list about what people notice, that’s a pretty big deal. I had traditional braces when I was in 4th - 6th grade (thanks, mom and dad). As soon as I got my braces off I had a shadowy looking stain on my front tooth. Granted, I don’t think most people have ever noticed it but being my own worst critic, it affected the way I smiled.

I’ve tried whitening strip after blue light whitening system, some worked better than other but none could lift those stains on my teeth. I struggled with ill fitting whitening strips because of course, having the responsibility and discipline of a 6th grader with a fresh perfect smile, I diligently wore my retainer… for a week… so my bottom teeth became crowded. If you’ve ever tried stick-on whitening strips you know what I mean that they only stick to the surface of your teeth but does even begin to get into the nooks and crannies between your teeth. Then with the blue light treatments, my teeth would get so sensitive but never did much in whitening terms.

Enter Smile Brilliant: a professional grade, custom-fit dental tray whitening system. Smile Brilliant couldn’t be more perfect; the price is right, it actually works and it’s a bonus that they’re based in St. Louis.

When you buy the kit, Smile Brilliant sends you the impression trays, the impression medium, whitening gel and desensitizing gel. I was nervous for my impressions because I thought for sure I would screw them up but they give incredibly clear instructions on how to make a great first impression (get it? ;)). Then you send the impressions back to them in a prepaid envelope, a few days later your custom whitening trays come in the mail and you’re ready to go.

Since you can whiten your teeth for up to 3 hours at a time, having the custom-fitted trays is perfect because they don’t budge. You can still talk and be sure the surfaces of your teeth are covered with the whitening goodness, yes, even the nooks and crannies from crowded teeth.

After a week of nightly teeth whitening from an hour to 3 hours at a time, my teeth are noticeably whiter and sparkly. The stain I’ve had since 6th grade is finally lifted. I never thought I would see my smile without that smudge. Plus I haven’t experience any sensitivity! If you’ve seen me in the last few weeks and noticed me grinning like a goof ball, this is why. I’ve been walking into every room smile first.

I still enjoy my morning cup of coffee (Kuva all day everyday!) without fear of ruining my pearly whites. Smile Brilliant sends plenty of whitening gel that lasts up to 2 years in the refrigerator and your impressions will last forever if you take care of them (that could be your literal teeth impressions or your new and improved first impressions).

This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. If you want to win your own kit, enter the giveaway here and if you don’t want to wait any longer use the code kaitlinclaywell15 for 15% off at checkout. Cheers to bright smiles and great first impressions! If you have any questions about my teeth whitening experience, let me know! In the mean time, check out my before and after photos below.


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