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Rosebud Perfume Co. Review

I am obsessed with Smith's lip balms and salves from Rosebud Perfume Co. I have the Rosebud Salve Tin (0.8 oz), Rosebud Salve Tube (0.5 oz) and the Menthol and Eucalyptus Tube (0.5 oz). I can not get enough! When I go to Sephora and see a new salve or lip balm in the checkout line, aka the aisle of death, I have to buy it.

Since I enjoy using the products so much, I figured I would look into the company a bit more because I am one of those people that want to know what kind of company I am supporting. So, the following is what I found and a review of the company and their products. (SPOILER: it makes me love them even more).

"The Rosebud Perfume Company, inc. was founded by George F. Smith in 1895." George F. Smith was a pharmacist in Woodsboro, Maryland where he worked in a drugstore and created Dr. Smith's salve that was used for minor skin irritations. Dr. Smith's salve became incredibly popular locally so Smith ventured into a mail order business. Now, Rosebud Perfume Co, inc. credits their success to "selling quality products at reasonable prices for well over 100 years."

That is something I can attest to, they have a quality product that feels very luxurious, smells great and does a multitude of things very well, while costing around $6 (thats what my most recent tube from Sephora set me back). For me, the Rosebud salve is a must have product. I have one in my car and one in my handbag at all times.

The Rosebud products aren't just for chapped lips and skin, there are many uses for it. The salve and balms can be used on their own or on top of your favorite lip color for a moisturized, dewy look. It can be used on eyebrows to tame crazy brow hairs or on your actual hair to take care of fly-aways or frizziness. You can apply the salve to cheekbones, collar bones, shoulders, etc. for a healthy, moisturized glow. Out of your favorite eyeshadow primer? Well the Rosebud salve is eye safe, pop a little on before applying your eyeshadows for a pigmented eye look all day. The salve can also be used to remove stubborn eye makeup at the end of the day, soften cuticles or even sooth a sunburn. The line of products from Rosebud Perfume Company are so handy, even when you don't NEED it you will find yourself reaching for it because they smell and feel amazing.

One of my favorite parts about the Rosebud Perfume Company is that their products are cruelty free and they don't test their products on animals (they prohibit all companies and countries from testing on animals on their behalf). All of their products are gluten free and they have a handful of products that are vegan (check their website for which products are vegan, some of their balms have natural beeswax in them, but they are very transparent and are happy to answer questions!)

I love this company and their products so much! I encourage all my friends to try their products, they're well worth the $6 if you spot their classic packaging while standing in line at Sephora. I can not wait to get my hands on more of their products and scents.

by Kait, with love!


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