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Spring Bucket List

Today is the first day of Spring. I feel like Spring time brings with it a sense of newness and motivation. When the days start getting longer and longer, I get more and more ambitious. Often, though, all that motivation and ambition gets drowned out by distraction and busyness. This year, I am feeling particularly ambitious, so, I am sharing some of the things I want to do/start/conquer/accomplish before Summer officially starts on June 20th. I am sharing all these things with you in the hope that some of you will hold me accountable or at least so that I have the illusion of accountability. I mean, it's on the internet... it has to happen now.

Here we go - Spring 2017 bucket list (some of these are probably quite silly, I know... just go with it):

  1. Go to the beach - I'm not picky, literally just any *warm* place where an ocean touches some land

  2. Lose 20 pounds the healthy way (YIKES)

  3. Get more consistent with my blog - this website you're on - create a posting calendar and stick to it

  4. Go to the Bay Area to visit my BFF (doesn't count as a beach trip, fyi)

  5. Buy a new car - man this bucket list is getting expensive... good thing I live with my parents ;)

  6. Make more beauty/makeup videos - the process is so darn fun

  7. Go on a hike at least once a month

  8. Make a crepe cake

  9. Consistently wake up and get out of my bed before 7am - I want to take advantage of the longer days

  10. Make some new home decor

That would be my bucket list/goals for this spring. I will give y'all updates as to how I'm doing with my list. What is something you want to do/start/conquer/accomplish this Spring?

by Kait, with love.

FYI - This is a crepe cake if you've never seen one or if you think I said make a creepy cake ;) (This picture/recipe is from Eat Drink Shrink)


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