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Spring Time Frills

I can not say "NO" to a good peplum or ruffle hem top. Of course I knew I was asking for trouble when I got on on pay day. I ended up ordering two tops, one ruffle hem top shown in this post and a white ruffle hem that is more like a peplum that I will link one similar too (mine isn't still available).

As an avid Pinner, I've been cruising spring looks on Pinterest for a long time and I think every time I open the app, a peplum or ruffle hem has graced my feed. I love how easy and effortless these tops are; just pop on jeans with booties or a strappy sandal with these tops and you're in business.

I think the ruffle hem and peplum tops will continue to be a major trend this summer. With their flowy style and soft, light fabric, they just scream warm weather and I think I need one in every color and pattern.

I know what you might be thinking, "only certain waistlines look good in peplums and drop waist tee shirts," and my response to that is: DO NOT FEAR THE PEPLUM! I used to hate peplum tops but it's only because I tried on the typical peplum a few years ago and the top part clung to my chest, the waist squeezed into me, then flared out making me look hippier than I really am.

These tops do NOT do that, these tops are meant to be slightly oversized so that they are comfortable and so where the "waist" hits you will, more than likely, work for you. These shirts should be considered the perfect tee shirt and the peplum's baby. Like any baby - it's perfect in every way, everybody loves it no matter how much they may not want to and once they spend enough time with it, they want their own. . . their own perfect tee/peplum baby that is.

Did I go too far with that last metaphor? Probably. Do I regret it? a little. Is it accurate? Heck-to-the-yes. Go get you some peplum/ruffle hem tee shirts! Shopping links are at the bottom of this post.

by Kait, with love.


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