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Summer Staycation Time

Today is the first official day of summer. Now that I'm an "adult," I don't get summer breaks like I used to. Even though I don't get a 3 month break from most responsibilities that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the leisurely time that this time of year has to offer. I think staycations are the perfect way to take advantage of Summer without breaking the bank or even needing time off from work and those adult duties.

I am unashamedly a home body - the ultimate summer staycation to me means enjoying my home. I mean... we spend a huge chunk of our lives working to pay for our homes, so I think we need to take time to relax and enjoy our investments. I have a few things that I like to do to turn a summer weekend into a weekend staycation.

The first thing I like to do to prepare for my leisurely staycation is to get all my chores out of the way after work on Friday. In order to relax like I'm in a hotel on vacation, I like to do all my normal weekend cleaning and picking up on Friday so that I have no excuse but to relax the rest of the weekend.

To make my home feel more like a hotel I like to put crisp, cool, clean sheets on my bed Friday night and make it extra cozy because we all know the best part about a vacation is getting to sleep in and be completely comfortable. I've been loving this sheet set from Crane & Canopy lately, plus their website and Instagram will get you totally inspired to make your bedroom a retreat.

In order to not feel guilty about sleeping in, I like to get everything ready to go for breakfast in the morning. I set out the coffee and make an easy, overnight meal. Nothing sounds more indulgent to me than cinnamon rolls. I love this over night recipe because it is good to pop in to the oven in the morning and ready in no time. Of course if you're not crazy about cooking/baking you can always grab the trusty tube of cinnamon rolls from the grocery store, we all know those are the real MVP.

While I like to spend my staycation in the pool or outside playing, many people like to use their staycations to explore their home towns. Here in St. Louis there are so many things to do: there's the Zoo, museums galore, Cardinals games, state parks to hike in (my favorite is Castlewood) and so many options for food and shopping. I think the key to a relaxing staycation is doing things that fuel you up and make you happy. For me, that's spending quality time with my family and also getting some alone time with my introvert self.

To finish out my staycation nothing sounds quite as relaxing as breaking out the bath bombs, candles and bubble bath. I (along with about 80% of millennials) love Lush. I hoard bath bombs until I have a good enough excuse to use one and a full on staycation is the perfect excuse. There are also a ton of fun DIY bath bombs if Lush isn't your thing. Relaxing and taking the time for self-care is something I don't think many of us prioritize. This is the perfect time to make that a priority; take a bubble bath, paint your nails, do a facial mask, dance around in your pajamas, watch a funny movie. Staycations are your time to recharge.

Staycations are all about doing what you enjoy and being able to end the day in the comfort of your own home and in your own bed. I hope you have some inspiration to turn your next free weekend into your ultimate staycation.

by Kait, with love.

(images in this post are via Crane & Canopy Instagram and Lush Cosmetics instagram, I do not own any rights to the images)


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