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The Best Travel Cocktail

There is a new cocktail in town, On The Rocks Cocktails are ready to drink cocktails, just add ice. Now at St. Louis area Dierbergs.

On the rocks cocktails come in 3 different sizes, a single 100ML drink size, a 200ML cocktail for two and a sharable 375ML size. I am currently loving the 200ML size, I traveled with these to Lake Tahoe - they were so perfect to I popped 3 of them around my checked bag, they were chilled in the bottom of the plane and were ready to crack open and drink once we got to our hotel.

I have to say, these cocktails are convenient and tasty as they are and I’ve definitely had them at home but they are the perfect travel companion. You don’t have to buy all the ingredients for a quality cocktail, buy a bottle of liquor that you end up wasting at the end of the week (because we all know I don’t have room to lug anything back home after I souvenir shop) plus you don't have to have any knowledge of mixology. You just pour it over ice and you’re ready to go. Or if you’re low-key like my buddies they’re perfect straight from the bottle.

They have something for every one: Mai Tai, the OG Margarita, jalapeño Pineapple Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Aviation and Old Fashioned. My personal favorite is the Aviation, it’s so aesthetically pleasing but it’s a light, crisp, fruity drink. It was the perfect Après Ski!

Traditionally pre-made cocktails are made with cheap liquor, overly sweet and something you wouldn't want to break out at a dinner party but On The Rocks is changing the game. Using high quality spirits that we all know and love, developing perfectly balanced drinks that do their job and look beautiful.

After trying all their cocktails, On The Rocks has earned a permanent spot on my bar cart - can we take a moment to appreciate their chic packaging? Its as good as the product itself!


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