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Top 5 Netflix Obsessions

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

To be completely honest, this week has been quite draining. I feel like I’ve been so busy and non-stop doing things for a few weeks now, so my weekend plans are including an elastic waistband (what’s new there) and binging some Netflix. I am one of THOSE people that will get hooked on a show and burn through it so quickly. Hence, I’m always on the lookout for new show recommendations.

I, unashamedly, love TV. I’ve always been a TV person. I love everything from the story lines, the production, the syndication. Everything about it intrigues me. These shows are my top 5 Netflix picks and I love everything about them. I watch all kinds of things on Netflix but if you ask me, these are my go-tos when I need something to focus on. These are the kind of shows that when I start them I forget to text people back because the storylines are so captivating.

Time to put on those stretchy pants, grab a glass of wine (or kombucha for me lately), get cozy and turn on one of these awesome shows on Netflix.

Queer Eye. This is a Netflix only show. It’s a reboot of the original Queer Eye. The fab 5 make you want to be apart of the crew. It’s such a sweet, feel good show. Just 5 fabulous gay guys doing amazing things for perfect strangers all the while tackling important topics like homophobia, racism, homosexuality and the big C Church and so much more. I feel like these guys and the producers of this show approach every person and every topic in so much love and kindness. I dare you not to binge the whole first season in one day like I did… and if you do, you should follow the fab 5 on instagram because they just fill my life with so much love and goodness on the daily. Not to mention Tan’s advice on the “French tuck” has changed my jeans and t-shirt game.

The Office. A classic. A standard. A “this could be on for 24 hours a day and I would be perfectly happy.” I’m not sure I need to say more about this. The Office is hands down my favorite sitcom. This show cheers me up every time it's on, the wedding episode makes me cry every single time and 2 of the cast members are from St. Louis. It doesn’t get much better than The Office.

Grey’s Anatomy. The show that got me through my last semester of college and was all I did in my first year post-grad. Grey’s is forever entertaining, from season 1 all the way to the current season - Shonda keeps me guessing. She makes me fall in love, she confuses me about whose side of things I’m on and she has made one of the best dramas (in my opinion) in the history of TV. I’m still hooked on this show and the time in between seasons is the longest length of time ever. I don’t often admit that I binged this entire series in the span of about 8 months because the episodes are like 43 min long and at the time there were 12 season… needless to say, my life was consumed by Greys. I’m also convinced that I have so much medical knowledge now.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Ellie Kemper is the star of this show, you might recognize her from the office or from growing up in St. Louis. The premise of this show is that Kimmy Schmidt was kidnapped as a child and kept in a bunker for a decade (or so). When she is rescued from the bunker she wants to live a normal life, only she is about a decade behind everyone else. She is sweet and naive which brings a quirky humor to the show. I love all the pop culture references brought into this show. It’s definitely a more silly comedy.

Jane the Virgin. I’m obsessed with this show. Many people say that this show is over dramatic and that they don’t get it - in order to understand why it is the way it is, you have to know that it is shot in the style of a telenovela, which is a classic Spanish soap opera. Once you understand that, it makes so much more sense. This show is so captivating. I even bought the novel “Snow Falling” that the Character Jane Gloriana Villanueva wrote in the show. That’s right, it's not a show based on the novel, it's a novel based on the show. I’m about halfway through it and it's so good. I feel like it adds an extra level of depth to the show but definitely isn’t necessary.

Let me know if you watch any of these shows, I love geeking out over them. If these are already some of your favorite shows, let me know what else you watch on Netflix, I’m always on the hunt for my next binge session.

by Kait, with love


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