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Winter Favorites

Winter is hands-down my favorite season, so when I was tagged by Oh Darling Blog to share my answers to 15 Winter related questions, I couldn't say "no." After reading their answers I have some new products and ideas to try out. With that, lets jump on in!

1. What's your favorite holiday tradition? Every year we celebrate Christmas and my Grandpa Claywell's birthday on Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family. It's always small and such a sweet time with them. Then on Christmas day my mom's side of the family all goes to my grandparents house. We all sit in a circle in the living room and open gifts one by one (it takes hours). We've been celebrating this way for as long as I can remember and I look forward to it the most.

2. What is your favorite go-to lippies? I am forever obsessed with Rosebud Perfume Company's "Rosebud Salve" but I love the "Smith's Menthol and Eucalyptus" tube in the winter. It makes my lips so soft and smells like vapor rub. Its perfect for when your nose is stuffy, clears it right up.

3. What is your favorite winter scent? (perfume, candles, etc.) I basically wear the same perfume year round but I LOVE winter candles. My go-to's this year are both from Bath and Body Works in the scents Peppered Suede (smells like a spicy man) and Evergreen (smells like a glorious, snowy Christmas tree).

4. What's your go-to winter fashion trend? Give me all the faux fur and leather/suede jackets. This winter in particular I am crazy about pom beanies. This is the leather jacket, suede jacket, faux fur vest and pom beanie I'm rocking this winter.

5. What is your favorite holiday movie? Traditional - A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Nontraditional - Elf.

6. What is your favorite holiday tune? I'd have to say Silent Night. Preferably as sung by a room full of my church family praising the good news of Christ's birth.

7. Do you prefer to travel or stay home? Stay home. Or be home, rather. Luckily I am living at home this year so I don't have to travel to be with loved ones. I will go where ever my family goes though.

8. What's your winter skincare must have? First Aid Beauty's Ultra repair cream. This is my year round moisturizer but I excessively slather it on in the winter. It is moisturizing without feeling greasy or gunking up my face.

9. What is your favorite winter haircare product? I have been loving the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo. This is yet another year round ride-or-die but they have a winter sugar cookie scent called "Warm Sugar" and it is amazing.

10. What is your favorite winter activity? Baking cookies while singing christmas songs with my momma. Bonus points if its snowing outside.

11. What is your favorite winter beauty product? Glittery eye shadows and a red lip. Specifically Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy and the NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels

12. Love or hate the snow? LOVE! The more the merrier.

13. What is one item on your wish list? Fun pins. I've been obsessed with them this year. I am loving adding a little extra touch of personality and flair to my outfits. The pins from The Daily Disco are my favorites. I already have a couple that are so "Kait" (see below).

14. Favorite holiday treat? Gooey butter cake cookies. So St. Louis. So Delicious. I could (and probably will) eat dozens of them.

15. Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper? Yes... I finish shopping for some people early but others are so hard to shop for. It takes a while for gift inspiration to hit me.

It has been fun reflecting on why I love winter so much. I love reading these kinds of posts because I feel like I get to know my favorite bloggers better. If you do this tag, be sure to let me know! I want to learn more about you all. I'm tagging some awesome, St. Louis bloggers below. Be sure to check out their answers.

@GirlGoalsLife -

@SarahOutAndAboutBlog -

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Special thanks to Oh Darling Blog for the Tag!


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