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Winter Whites for Home Decor

I am a big fan of the Winter Whites concept, this comes from intentionally breaking the “no white after Labor Day” rule in fashion. I’m not known for my rule breaking but this is one rule I love breaking. When I wear all white in winter I feel chic and rebellious every time. I decided that I am going to apply the same concept to my home decor.

I don’t know what it is but I am one of those people that changes the style of their bedding on the regular. For reference: my parents have had 2 different comforter sets in the last 15 years; I, on the other hand moved home almost 2 years ago and I’m on my 3rd bedding change. There’s just something about changing up my room that is therapeutic for me. This time around though, I think I made a winning combination with the crisp, white bedding and little pops of color, pattern and texture in the accessories.

There was nothing wrong with my bedding “before” but I am really loving my “after.” I got this white down comforter from TJ Maxx, it is so soft and was, of course, budget friendly. The throw is from Anthropologie and was a Christmas gift from my parents 2 Christmases ago - I knew it needed a place of honor.

The throw is handmade and is truly a work of art. I wanted it to be the focus. The throw pillows I wanted to keep simple and play off the blue-grey hue in the blanket and the soft, tufted wool texture. The navy, floral pillow is one I’ve had for a few years from Target and the grey, wool, tufted pillow I found at Home Goods. It was one of those finds where I saw it across the room and knew it needed to come home with me.

I feel like my room looks bigger now with the crisp white. Best yet, my bed is so cozy and each element makes me so happy. Every time I walk past my room, I glance in and everything feels so fresh and so clean (clean). I would, hands down, recommend choosing a piece of bedding that you love or is special to you, add a blank, bright comforter or duvet behind it and let that special piece take its place of honor.

The bright, white combination just might break my bedding ADD. Winter, specifically January, is the best time of year to update your bedding with all the white sales (aka sales on bed linens). If you’re inspired to do some updating, share your before and after pics with me, home decor/interior design is one of my weaknesses, so it will make my day!

by Kait, with love

Kaitlin Claywell Winter Whites Home Decor After


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